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This cheat sheet provides a quick reference for some common Kubernetes commands and concepts. Kubernetes is an open-source container orchestration platform for automating the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.


To use Kubernetes, you need to set up a Kubernetes cluster. Installation methods vary depending on your environment. Refer to the official Kubernetes documentation for installation instructions.

Kubernetes Concepts


  • Create a Pod from a YAML file:

    kubectl create -f pod.yaml
  • List all Pods in a namespace:

    kubectl get pods
  • Describe a Pod:

    kubectl describe pod pod_name
  • Delete a Pod:

    kubectl delete pod pod_name


  • Create a Deployment from a YAML file:

    kubectl create -f deployment.yaml
  • List all Deployments in a namespace:

    kubectl get deployments
  • Scale a Deployment:

    kubectl scale deployment deployment_name --replicas=3
  • Rollback a Deployment:

    kubectl rollout undo deployment/deployment_name


  • Create a Service from a YAML file:

    kubectl create -f service.yaml
  • List all Services in a namespace:

    kubectl get services
  • Expose a Deployment as a Service:

    kubectl expose deployment deployment_name --port=80 --type=LoadBalancer
  • Delete a Service:

    kubectl delete service service_name

ConfigMaps and Secrets

  • Create a ConfigMap from a file:

    kubectl create configmap config_name --from-file=file_path
  • Create a Secret from a file:

    kubectl create secret generic secret_name --from-file=file_path


  • Create a Namespace:

    kubectl create namespace namespace_name
  • List all Namespaces:

    kubectl get namespaces


  • List all available contexts:

    kubectl config get-contexts
  • Switch to a different context:

    kubectl config use-context context_name

Logs and Debugging

  • View Pod logs:

    kubectl logs pod_name
  • Execute a command in a running container:

    kubectl exec -it pod_name -- command

Helm (Kubernetes Package Manager)

  • Install a Helm chart:

    helm install my-release stable/chart_name
  • Upgrade a Helm release:

    helm upgrade my-release stable/chart_name
  • List Helm releases:

    helm list


This cheat sheet covers some basic Kubernetes commands and concepts. Kubernetes offers a wide range of features and functionality; refer to the Kubernetes documentation for more in-depth information and advanced usage.