Rundeck -


  • providerUrl: IP Address Or FQDN of your Domain Controller
  • bindDn: LDAP Bind User Distinguished Name
  • bindPassword: Password of the LDAP Bind User
  • userBaseDn: Distinguished name to use as a search base for finding users.
  • roleBaseDn: OU where the rundeck security groups are.

Make sure permissions are as follows for new files chown rundeck:rundeck … && chmod 640 …

The /etc/rundeck/profile file needs to be altered to activate the module activedirectory and to informthe location of the jaas configuration file

Defining rundeckadmins AD group permissions /etc/rundeck/rundeckadmins.aclpolicy

Defining runusersadmins AD group permissions /etc/rundeck/rundeckusers.aclpolicy

Nearly sure this is not required /var/rundeck/projects/x/acls/Dev.aclpolicy

Defines project settings /var/rundeck/projects/x/etc/

Defines resources for project as nodes /var/rundeck/projects/x/etc/resources.xml