Table of contents:

  • Download ISO and install on Hyper-V
  • After installation enable nested virtualisation: Set-VMProcessor -VMName “EVE-NG” -ExposeVirtualizationExtensions $True
  • Add a second NIC for Cloud1
  • Enable Mac Spoofing at the advanced settings on the NIC to allow bridging

    title: Eveng - Idlepc category: Simulator —

On the console of the eve-ng VM run:

dynamips -P 7200 /opt/unetlab/addons/dynamips/c7200-adventerprisek9-mz.152-4.S7.image


CTRL + ] then key I

Get the highest value which is better, copy it.

Edit /opt/unetlab/html/templates/c7200.php and change the default idlepc value

Reboot VM or kill the hanging dynamips process. The current folder you run the command will fill in with trash clean it up afterwards.

title: Eveng - Macos Telnet Terminal category: Simulator —

Reboot your Mac and hold the CMD + R keys

When presented with the recovery options, click Utilities at the top and choose Terminal


csrutil disable

Reboot as usual:

Make sure telnet is under /usr/bin/telnet and executable. Install via homebrew if not installed.