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sudo apt-get install nginxwget dpkg -i wok-2.5.0-0.noarch.debsudo apt-get install -fsudo service wokd startsudo dpkg -i ginger-base.noarch.debsudo apt-get install -fsudo service wokd restartsudo rebootsudo dpkg -i kimchi-2.5.0-0.noarch.debsudo apt-get install -fsudo reboot

Change port at the Nginx config: sudo nano /etc/nginx/conf.d/wok.conf Look for the following line: listen ssl; and change it to: listen ssl; Also locate inside of location, config: proxy_redirect https://$host:8001/; and change this to: proxy_redirect https://$host:443/; Change the port in the Wok config: sudo nano /etc/wok/wok.conf Uncomment the following line: #proxy_port = 8001 Change it to: proxy_port = 443

sudo service wokd restartsudo service nginx restart

Now you can open the web interface on https://Server_IP