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Check default stack size:

# ulimit -s

Set new stack size:

ulimit -s 65536

Edit php.ini:

mail.add_x_header = Onmail.log = /var/log/phpmail.log

Steps above need to be performed first. After that look at the script below.

clamscan -ri /var/www/x/* > /tmp/clamav_exportgrep "FOUND" /tmp/clamav_export | cut -d : -f 1 > /tmp/malwares
# Break line will be the only separatorIFS=$'\n'
for x in `cat /tmp/malwares`; do
    # Create the folders before backing up the malware files    mkdir -p `echo /tmp/backup$x | sed -e "s/\/[^\/]*$//"`
    # Backing up the malware files    cp $x /tmp/backup$x
    # Excluding the malware files    #rm $xdone
# Clean up the outbox queue:
for x in `grep "X-PHP-Originating-Script: 33:lib.php" /var/spool/nullmailer/queue/* | cut -d : -f 1`;do    rm $xdone