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Bacula Administration Tool (bat) configuration file

Director { Name = xxx-dir DIRport = 9101 address = Password = "xxx"


title: Bacula - BAT

category: Linux#

Installing Bacula Console QT, still need to edit bat.conf including connection details to Bacula Director:

apt-get install bacula-console-qt

title: Bacula - Downgrade FD 7 Bionic

category: Linux#

apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgradeapt-get remove bacula-fdapt-get autoremovewget -i bacula-common_7.0.5+dfsg-4build1_amd64.debdpkg -i bacula-fd_7.0.5+dfsg-4build1_amd64.debapt-mark hold bacula-commonapt-mark hold bacula-fdapt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade

Edit /etc/systemd/system/bacula-fd.service:

[Unit]Description=Bacula File Daemon serviceDocumentation=man:bacula-fd(8)Requires=network.targetAfter=network.targetRequiresMountsFor=/var/lib/bacula /etc/bacula /usr/sbin# from[Service]Type=forkingUser=rootGroup=rootEnvironment="CONFIG=/etc/bacula/bacula-fd.conf"EnvironmentFile=-/etc/default/bacula-fdExecStartPre=/usr/sbin/bacula-fd -c $CONFIGExecStart=/usr/sbin/bacula-fd -c $CONFIGExecReload=/bin/kill -HUP $MAINPIDSuccessExitStatus=15Restart=on-failureRestartSec=60PIDFile=/run/bacula/[Install]
systemctl daemon-reloadsystemctl start bacula-fdsystemctl enable bacula-fd


title: Bacula - Limit Bandwidth

category: Linux#

Changing this will affect all jobs:

FileDaemon {  Name = localhost-fd  Working Directory = /some/path  Pid Directory = /some/path  ...  Maximum Bandwidth Per Job = 5Mb/s}

Changing only for a specific Job:

Job {  Name = locahost-data  FileSet = FS_localhost  Accurate = yes  ...  Maximum Bandwidth = 5Mb/s  ...}

Changing on a live job:

setbandwidth limit=1000 jobid=10


title: Bacula - Mark Volume Full

category: Linux#

update volume=Migrated-Jobs-0059 volstatus=Full

title: Bacula - Update DB Pool to Reflect Conf

category: Linux#

*updateUpdate choice:     1: Volume parameters     2: Pool from resource     3: Slots from autochanger     4: Long term statisticsChoose catalog item to update (1-4):2

If decreasing volumes for a certain pool the current number of volumes needs to be lower than the new value. Run delete volume=xxx to get rid of volumes to set the new limit.