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This cheat sheet provides a quick reference for some common Apache HTTP Server (Apache2) commands and concepts. Apache is a popular open-source web server used to serve websites and web applications.


To use Apache2, you need to install it on your server. Installation methods vary depending on your operating system. Refer to your distribution's documentation for installation instructions.

Apache2 Concepts

Virtual Hosts

Virtual Hosts allow you to host multiple websites on a single server.

  • Create a new virtual host configuration file:

    sudo nano /etc/apache2/sites-available/my-site.conf
  • Enable a virtual host:

    sudo a2ensite my-site
  • Disable a virtual host:

    sudo a2dissite my-site


Apache2 uses modules to extend its functionality. Common modules include mod_ssl for SSL/TLS support and mod_rewrite for URL rewriting.

  • Enable a module:

    sudo a2enmod module_name
  • Disable a module:

    sudo a2dismod module_name

Configuration Files

Apache2 configuration files are typically located in the /etc/apache2 directory.

  • Edit the main configuration file:

    sudo nano /etc/apache2/apache2.conf
  • Edit the global configuration file:

    sudo nano /etc/apache2/conf-available/my-config.conf


Apache2 logs important information about server activity.

  • Access log location:

  • Error log location:


Restart and Reload

After making configuration changes, you can restart or reload Apache2 to apply the changes.

  • Restart Apache2:

    sudo systemctl restart apache2
  • Reload Apache2 (gracefully):

    sudo systemctl reload apache2

Apache2 Command-Line

  • Check the Apache2 version:

    apache2 -v
  • Test the Apache2 configuration:

    sudo apache2ctl configtest
  • Start Apache2:

    sudo systemctl start apache2
  • Stop Apache2:

    sudo systemctl stop apache2
  • Check the status of Apache2:

    sudo systemctl status apache2
  • Open a port in the firewall (e.g., port 80 for HTTP):

    sudo ufw allow 80/tcp


This cheat sheet covers some common Apache HTTP Server (Apache2) commands and concepts. Apache2 is a versatile web server used for hosting websites and applications; refer to the official Apache documentation for more in-depth information and advanced usage.