• I like to take notes from anyplace, anywhere and anytime.
  • I like to keep my notes organized in a structured way.
  • I like to find what I need when I need it.
  • I don’t like to spend time on maintenance ie. upgrade/patching.
  • I don’t like to spend money.
  • I don’t like to be locked on a vendor.

How It All Works

  • Jekyll as static website generator.
  • Basically Basic as a forked Jekyll theme.
  • GitHub Flavored Markdown.
  • GitHub Pages as website hosting provider.
  • Github as VCS.
  • GoDaddy as DNS registrar and DNSSEC.
  • Cloudflare as DNS, CDN, WAF and TLS.
  • Algolia as cloud search engine.
  • Travis CI as CI.
  • Pingdom as external monitoring.
  • Slack as a push notification client.


  • Requires no on-going maintenance.
  • Quick start with Jekyll themes. May be up in minutes.
  • No vendor lock-in. Standard Git Markdown.
  • Jekyll sites can be hosted on GitHub Pages free of charge.
  • Changes can be made quickly from any device.
  • Raw text formatted and indexed automatically.
  • Fast and reliable full text search engine using Algolia.
  • Allows contribution by multiple ways such as pull requests, issues and branches.
  • Rich version history, permissioning, traceability and merge strategies.
  • Custom domain, security, encryption and optimization handled free of charge by Cloudflare.


  • Crontab Guru - Font and colour scheme.
  • Devhints - Built via Jekyll. Cheatsheets in grid format.
  • Jekyllrb - Built via Jekyll. Responsive design. Shadows in rounded ‘pre’ code blocks.